• Thaippooya Mahotsavam

The Thaipooya Mahotsavam, a one-day festival dedicated to Lord Muruka (the son of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi) is celebrated every year. In connection with the feast Padappu and special coronations (Abhishekam) were dedicated to the Lord.

  • Aadi Chowai Mahotsavam

Aadi Chowai Mahotsavam is celebrated on Tuesdays in the Month Aadi (Karkidakom) and it is considered highly auspicious for the worship of Goddess Shakti. Aadi Chowai is considered highly auspicious and women in large numbers visits temple for special poojas. Reading Ramayana in the morning and Kolattakkali (SreeKrishna Leela) in the evening are the highlights of the festival. Special Payasam offering to Amman by the devotees were also done.

  • Saraswathayajnam & Vidyarajagopalayanthram

Special Pooja in SRI MUTHUMARI AMMAN DEVASTHANAM dedicated for devotees for excel performance in studies, professional fields etc. This special worship is done by head priest and is successfully performed from long years back.

Amman Koda festival is the most important festival celebrated in SRI MUTHUMARI AMMAN DEVASTHANAM. The festival is dedicated to Amman, considered to be the Mother goddess. This festival is held in the Malayalam month of Kumbam (February-March). The 4 day festival starts on the day of Thirvathira of Kumbam. Amman is believed to cure her devotees from any possible disease. People throng to the temple to get the blessing of the goddess to relive them of their diseases.

Before the festive days Amman procession to the nearby Brahmin houses (Agraharam) is practiced. In the procession termed as Gramaneerattu, the deity is seated on Aavanipalaka and done coronation (Abishekham) with kumkum and turmeric water. Besides money, spices, rice, coconut, oil etc. are offered as “Kanika” to the deity.

From the very day of Gramaneerattu the sanctity of fasting (Vritham) of Kuthiyottam and Thalappoli started. Reading Purana books like Devi Mahatmyam, Narayaneeyam, Lalitha Sahasranamam were continuously practiced in the temple these days.

The four day festivals include Nagaroottu (offerings to Snake God for the emancipation of snake curse to the family), special poojas for health, long life, prosperity, Thalappoli, Kumbham procession (Kumbham Eyunnallippu), Amman procession (Amman puretheyunnallippu), Pongala were successfully conducted every year.  

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